Volume 27 Number 1 Summer 2008



Measuring Chickasaw Adaptation on the Western Frontier of the Colonial South: A Correlation of Documentary and Archaeological Data
Jay K. Johnson, John W. O’Hear, Robbie Ethridge,
Brad R. Lieb, Susan L. Scott, and H. Edwin Jackson

Spatial Analysis and Site Structure of the Early Archaic Occupation of the Hart Site (15LA183), Lawrence County, Kentucky
Andrew P. Bradbury and Steven D. Creasman

The Benton Phenomenon and Middle Archaic Chronology in Adjacent Portions of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama
Charles H. McNutt

Rotten Food and Ritual Behavior: Late Woodland Plant Foodways and Special Purpose Features at Buzzard Rock II, Virginia (44RN2j70)
Amber M. VanDerwarker and Bruce Idol

A Pre-Columbian Map of the Mississippi?
F. Terry Norris and Timothy R. Pauketat

A Revolution in Caddo Archaeology: The Remote Sensing and Archaeological View from the Hill Farm Site (4IBW169) in Bowie County, Texas
Timothy K. Perttula, Chester P. Walker, and T. Clay Schultz

Core Refitting ·and the Accuracy of Aggregate Lithic Analysis Techniques: The Case of 3rd Unnamed Cave, Tennessee
Jay D. Franklin and Jan F. Simek

Late Mississippian Phases in the Central Mississippi Valley: A Commentary
Charles H. McNutt


A Qualification Concerning Beck et al.’s (2006) Mention of a Possible Soto-Era Artifact from the Lyon’s Bluff Site (220K520), Mississippi
Evan Peacock and S. Homes Hogue


Blitz and Lorenz, The Chattahoochee Chiefdoms, reviewed by Aaron G. Brummitt

Cames-McNaughton and Steen (eds.), In Praise of the Poet Archaeologist: Papers in Honor of Stanley South and His Five Decades of Historical Archaeology, reviewed by John P. McCarthy

Burns, A History of the Osage People (2nd edition), reviewed by Roger M. Carpenter

Zimmerman et al. (eds.), Ethical Issues in Archaeology, reviewed by Monica M. Bontty

Cabac and Groover, Plantations Without Pillars: Archaeology, Wealth and Material Life at Bush Hill. Vol 1, Context and Interpretation, reviewed by Nicholas Honerkamp

Stojanowski, Biocultural Histories in La Florida: A Bioarchaeological Perspective, reviewed by Kristina Killgrove

Saitta, The Archaeology of Collective Action, reviewed by Patrick H. Morgan

White, The Archaeology and History of the Native Georgia Tribes, reviewed by John T. Penman

McCartney, Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers, 1607-1635: A Biographical Dictionary, reviewed by Gregory A. Waselkov

Lee and Gregory (eds.), The Work of Tribal Hands: Southeastern Split Cane Basketry, reviewed by Matthew T. Bradley

King (ed.), Southeastern Ceremonial Complex: Chronology, Content, Context, reviewed by Jeffery P. Brain