Volume 26 Number 2 Winter 2007



Terminal Middle to Late Archaic Settlement in Coastal Northwest Florida: Early Estuarine Exploitation on the Northern Gulf Coast Gregory
A. Mikell and Rebecca Saunders

The Cultural History of Bannerstones in the Savannah River Valley
Kenneth E. Sassaman and Asa R. Randall

Defining Swift Creek Interactions: Earthenware Variability at Ring Middens and Burial Grounds
Neill J. Wallis

On Reconsidering Display Goods Production and Circulation in the Moundville Chiefdom
Jon Bernard Marcoux

Mississippian and Protohistoric/Early Contact Diet and Health: Biological and Cultural Continuity and Change in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi
S. Homes Hogue

The Ira Spradley Field Site: ALate Woodland Cemetery in the Arkansas Ozarks
Jerry E. Hilliard and Robert C. Mainfort, Jr.

Modeling Fort Walton Culture in Northwest Florida
Rochellle A. Marrinan and Nancy Marie White

Using Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) to Source Shell in Shell-Tempered Pottery: A Pilot Study from North Mississippi
Evan Peacock, Hector Neff, Janet Rafferty, and Thomas Meaker

Florida’s Deep Past: The Bioarchaeology of Little Salt Spring (85018) and Its Place Among Mortuary Ponds of the Archaic
Rachel K. Wentz and John A. Gifford


Milanich, Laboring in the Fields of the Lord: Spanish Missions and Southeastern Indians, reviewed by Chris Cameron

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Marquardt and Watson (e9s.), Archaeology of the Middle Green River Region, Kentucky, reviewed by Tanya M. Peres

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