Volume 25 Number 2 Winter 2006


Message from the Editors

Special Issue
Contributions of Transportation Archaeology to American Bottom Prehistory
guest edited by Thomas E. Emerson

Advances in American Bottom Prehistory: Illinois Transportation Archaeology Two Decades after 1-270
Thomas E. Emerson, John A. Walthall, Andrew C. Fortier, and Dale L. McElrath

Calibrating and Reassessing American Bottom Culture History
Andrew C. Fortier, Thomas E. Emerson, and Dale L. McElrath

Prehistoric Plant Use in the American Bottom: New Thoughts and Interpretations
Mary L. Simon and Kathryn E. Parker

Late Cahokian Subsistence and Health: Stable Isotope and Dental Evidence
Kristin M. Hedman

Late Woodland Frontiers in the American Bottom Region
Brad Koldehoff and Joseph M. Galloy

Perspectives from the Edge of Looking Glass Prairie: The Scott Joint-Use Archaeological Project
George R. Holley


Harbury, Colonial Virginia’s Cooking Dynasty, reviewed by Amber M. VanDerwarker

Pluckhahn and Ethridge (eds.), .Light on the Path: The Anthropology and History of the Southeastern Indians, reviewed by Ramie A. Gougeon

Peacock, Mississippi Archaeology Q&A, reviewed by Robert Lusteck

Charles and Buikstra (eds.), Recreating Hopewell, reviewed by Robert C. Mainfort Jr.

Powell and Cook (eds.), The Myth of Syphilis: The Natural History of Treponematosis in North America, reviewed by Shannon Chappell Hodge

Skowronek and Ewen (eds.), X Marks the Spot: The Archaeology of Piracy, reviewed by Tanya M. Peres