Volume 25 Number 1 Summer 2006



Farewell to the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex
Vernon James Knight Jr.

Historical Metrology and a Reconsideration of the Toltec Module
Gregory Vogel

Chronology and the Demise of Chiefdoms: Eastern Oklahoma in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
J. Daniel Rogers

Mortuary Ritual and Winter Solstice Imagery of the Harlan-Style Charnel House
Marvin Kay and George Sabo III

Interpreting the Mississippian Hinterlands
R. Berle Clay

Identifying Fort San Juan: a Sixteenth-Century Spanish Occupation at the Berry Site, North Carolina
Robin A. Beck Jr., David G. Moore, and Christopher B. Rodning

An Experiment in Ceramic Description: Upper Nodena
Eric M. Cruciotti, Rita Fisher-Carroll, Charles H. McNutt, Robert C. Mainfort, Jr., and David H. Dye

One Hundred Years of Archaeology at Gordontown: A Fortified Mississippian Town in Middle Tennessee
Michael C. Moore, Emanuel Breitburg, Kevin E. Smith, and Mary Beth Trubitt

Ancient Vegetarians? Absorbed Pottery Residue Analysis of Diet in the Late Woodland and Emergent Mississippian Periods of the Mississippi Valley
Eleanora A. Reber and Richard P. Evershed

A Stylistic Analysis of Burial Urns from the Protohistoric Period in Central Alabama
Amanda L. Regnier


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ISSN 0734-578X