Volume 24 Number 1 Summer 2005



Intruding on the Past: The Reuse of Ancient Earthen Mounds by Native Americans
Rob Mann

Mississippian Status in Western Kentucky: Evidence from the Annis Mound
Scott W. Hammerstedt

A Platform Mound at the Norman Site (34WG2), Eastern
Gregory Vogel, Marvin Kay, and Louis Vogele, Jr.

A New Series of Absolute Dates from Lyon’s Bluff (220K520), East-Central Mississippi
Evan Peacock and S. Homes Hogue

A K-Means Analysis of Late Period Ceramic Variation in the Central Mississippi Valley
Robert C. Mainfort, Jr.

The Identification and Potential Significance of Early Holocene Prepared Clay Surfaces: Examples from Dust Cave and Icehouse Bottom
Sarah C. Sherwood and Jefferson Chapman

Early and Mid-Holocene Dogs in Southeastern North America: Examples from Dust Cave
Renee B. Walker, Darcy F. Morey, and John H. Relethford


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