Volume 23 Number 2 Winter 2004



The Submound and Mound Architecture and Features of Mound C, Etowah, Bartow County, Georgia
Lewis H. Larson, Jr.

Special Thematic Section

Lewis H. Larson, Jr.: From Minnesota to Georgia-A Road Less Traveled
edited by David J. Hally

David J. Hally

The Education of an Archaeologist: The 1954 Season at Etowah, Georgia
George E. Stuart

Deciphering Etowah’s Mound C: The Construction History and Mortuary Record of a Mississippian Burial Mound
Adam King

Mortuary Patterns at a Sixteenth-Century Town in Northwestern Georgia
David J. Hally

An Enduring Contribution: Following Larson’s Lead on Pottery Change in the Mission Period
Rebecca Saunders

The Sapelo Shell Ring Complex: Shallow Geophysics on a Georgia Sea Island
Victor D. Thompson,Matthew D. Reynolds, Bryan Haley, Richard Jefferies, Jay K. Johnson, and Laura Humphries

Aboriginal Subsistence Technology: A Personal Perspective
Elizabeth J. Reitz

Digging through Georgia: 1958-1960
Dan F. Morse and Phyllis A. Morse

Legislation, Legacy, and Larson: Lewis H. Larson, Georgia’s First State Archaeologist
Thomas Hales Eubanks

An Archaeological Friendship of More than Half a Century
Stephen Williams


King, Thinking About Cultural Resource Management: Essays from the Edge, and
Austin, Hoffman, and Ballo (eds.). Thinking About Significance, reviewed by Ramie A. Gougeon

King, Places that Count: Traditional Cultural Properties in Cultural Resource Management, reviewed by Brian D. Haley

Wesler, Excavations at Wickliffe Mounds, reviewed by Paul D. Welch

Hutchinson, Foraging, Farming and Coastal Biocultural Adaptation in Late Prehistoric North Carolina, reviewed by Maureen S. Meyers

Kapitzke, Religion, Power, and Politics in Colonial St. Augustine, reviewed by John F. Scarry

Brooks, Captives and Cousins: Slavery, Kinship, and Community in the Southwest Borderlands, reviewed by Jennifer L. Thompson