Volume 23 Number 1 Summer 2004



Silence over Kolomoki: A Curious Episode in the History of Southeastern Archaeology
Vernon James Knight, Jr. and Frank T. Schnell

Calibrated Radiocarbon Chronology for Pinson Mounds and Middle Woodland in the Midsouth
Robert C. Mainfort, Jr. and Charles H. McNutt

Animal Use in the Georgia Pine Barrens: An Example from the Hartford Site (9PU1)
Nanny Carder, Elizabeth J. Reitz, and J. Matthew Compton

From Edge to Frontier: Early Mississippian Occupation of the Lower Illinois River Valley
Colleen Delaney-Rivera

Dating Gahagan and Its Implications for Understanding Cahokia-Caddo Interactions
Thomas E. Emerson and Jeffrey S. Girard

Evidence of Historic Creek Indian Migration from a Regional and Direct Historic Analysis of Ceramic Types
H.Thomas Foster II

The North-South Copper Axis
William A. Fox

Testing Mounds B and E at Poverty Point
Tristram R. Kidder, Anthony Ortmann, and Thurman Alien


Blake and Cutler, Plants from the Past, reviewed by Katherine R. Mickelson

Hudson, Conversations with the High Priest of Coosa, reviewed by Ramie A. Gougeon

Groover, An Archaeological Study of Rural Capitalism and Material Life: The Gibbs Farmstead in Southern Appalachia, 1790-1920, reviewed by Lance Greene

Bonney and Paredes (eds.). Anthropologists and Indians in the New South, reviewed by Lara K. Homsey

Whitley (ed.). Handbook of Rock Art Research, reviewed by Jan F. Simek

Purdy (ed.). Enduring Records: The Environmental and Cultural Heritage of Wetlands, reviewed by Robert J. Austin

Jacobi, Last Rites for the Tipu Maya, reviewed by Lauren A. Sullivan