Volume 21 Number 1 Summer 2002


Special Thematic Section:

Revisiting Coweeta Creek

edited by Christopher B. Rodning and Amber M. VanDerwarkerRevisiting Coweeta Creek: Reconstructing Ancient Cherokee Lifeways in Southwestern North Carolina
Christopher B. Rodning and Amber M. VanDerwarker

The Townhouse at Coweeta Creek
Christopher B. Rodning

Gendered Practice in Cherokee Foodways: A Spatial Analysis of Plant Remains from the Coweeta Creek Site
Amber M. VanDerwarker and Kandace R. Detwiler

Boiling, Baking, and Pottery Breaking: A Functional Analysis of Ceramic Vessels from Coweeta Creek
Gregory D. Wilson and Christopher B. Rodning

Bioarchaeology at Coweeta Creek: Continuity and Change in Native Health and Lifeways in Protohistoric Western North Carolina
Patricia M. Lambert

The Coweeta Creek Mound and the Cherokee Project
Bennie C. Keel, Brian J. Egloff, and Keith T. Egloff


A Time Capsule of Physical Anthropology: The Charles E. Snow Letters of 1940-1941
Keith P. Jacobi

Material Culture at Presidio Santa Maria de Galve (1698-1722): Combining the Historical and Archaeological Records
Brenda M. Swann

Cahokian Ritual and the Ramey Field: New Insights from Old Collections
Timothy R. Pauketat and Brad Koldehoff

Building Ceramic Chronologies with Thermoluminescence Dating: A Case Study from the Carolina Sandhills
Joseph M. Herbert, James K. Feathers, and Ann S. Cordell


Craig, Spanish Silver Coins in the Florida Collection, reviewed by Michael A. Pfeiffer

Eastman and Rodning (eds.). Archaeological Studies of Gender in the Southeastern United States, reviewed by Shannon K. Chappell