Volume 2 Number 2 Winter 1983



The New River Sampling Simulation: Evaluation of Reconnaissance Level Survey Techniques in the Appalachian Highlands
Jay F. Custer

Patterns of Resource Selection in the Manufacture of North Florida Weeden Island Pottery
Ann S. Cordell

Mississippian Period Settlement in the Southern Piedmont: Evidence from the Rucker’s Bottom Site, Elbert County, Georgia
David G. Anderson and Joseph Schuldenrein

Patterns of Lithic Resource Utilization in the Cedar Creek Reservoir Area
Eugene M. Futato

Geoarchaeology and Historical Archaeology: An Example from Fort Jefferson, Kentucky
Julie K. Stein Kenneth C. Carstens and Kit W. Wesler

Technological Examination of Fayette Thick Ceramics: A Petrographic Analysis and Review
Nancy O’Malley Teresa W. Tune and Malinda Stafford Blustain


Archives Corner


Trubowitz and Jeter (editors): Arkansas Archeology in Review
James E. Price

Rolingson (editor): Emerging Patterns of Plum Bayou Culture
Robert C. Wilson

Hemmings: Human Adaptation in the Grand Marais Lowland
J. Alan May

Lafferty and others: Settlement Predictions in Sparta
Donna C. Roper


ISSN 0734-578X