Volume 18 Number 1 Summer 1999



A Multidimensional Consideration of Complicated Stamped Pottery Production in Southern Louisiana
Rebecca Saunders and James B. Stoltman

Feasting and Status at the Toqua Site
Amber M. VanDerwarker


Prehistoric Mud Glyph Cave Art from Alabama
Alan Cressler, Jan F. Simek, Todd M. Ahlman, Joanne L. Bennett, and Jay D. Franklin

The Role of Late Woodland Interactions in the Emergence of Etowah
Keith J. Little

Archaeological Investigations of Slave Housing at Saragossa Plantation, Natchez, Mississippi
Amy L. Young


O’Brien and Lyman: James A. Ford and the Growth of Americanist Archaeology
Andrew L. Christenson

Stein et al. (eds.): Carolina’s Historical Landscapes: Archaeological Perspectives
Nicholas Honerkamp

Milner: The Cahokia Chiefdom: The Archaeology of a Mississippian Society
Adam King

Lewis and Stout (eds.): Mississippian Towns and Sacred Places: Searching for an Architectural Grammar
Mark Williams

Rolingson: Toltec Mounds and Plum Bayou Culture: Mound D Excavations
Sissel Schroeder

Williams and Elliott (eds.): A World Engraved: Archaeology of the Swift Creek Culture
Charles R. Cobb

Schambach: Pre-Caddoan Cultures in the Trans-Mississippi South: A Beginning Sequence
Joe Saunders

LaVere: The Caddo Chiefdoms: Caddo Economics and Politics, 700-1835
Paul D. Welch

Garland: The Obion Site: An Early Mississippian Center in Western Tennessee
Timothy R. Pauketat

Book Notes

The Apalachee Indians and Mission San Luis; The Georgia and South Carolina Coastal Expeditions of Clarence Bloomfeld Moore; Archeology of the Florida Gulf Coast; Anthropology Explored: The Best of Smithsonian AnthroNotes; Systems of Consanguinity and Affinity of the Human Family