Volume 17 Number 1 Summer 1998



The Essential Features of Adena Ritual and Their Implications
R. Berle Clay

Distributional Archaeology in the Southeast: An Early Archaic Example from the Aiken Plateau, South Carolina
Melanie A. Cabak, Kenneth A. Sassaman, and J. Christopher Gillam

Analysis of Early Mississippian-Period Pottery from Kersey, Pemiscot County, Missouri
James W. Cogswell and Michael J. O’Brien

Estimating the Season of Harvest of Eastern Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) with Shells from Chesapeake Bay
Joseph M. Herbert and Laurie Cameron Steponaitis


“Watson Brake Objects,” an Unusual Archaic Artifact Type from Northeast Louisiana and Southwest Mississippi
Joe W. Saunders, Reca Jones, Kathryn Moorhead, and Brian Davis

Middle Woodland and Mississippian Occupations of the Savannah Site in Tennessee
Paul D. Welch

Iberian Olive jars at Brunswick Town and Other British Colonial Sites: Three Models for Consideration
Thomas E. Beaman, Jr. and John J. Mintz


Lyman, O’Brien, and Dunnell: The Rise and Fall of Culture History
William S. Dancey

Morse (ed.): Sloan: A Paleoindian Dalton Cemetery in Arkansas
John A. Walthall

McAvoy and McAvoy: Archaeological Investigations of Site 44SX202, Cactus Hill, Sussex County, Virginia
C. Clifford Boyd

Hudson: Knights of Spain, Warriors of the Sun: Hernando de Soto and the South’s Ancient Chiefdoms
Brinnen S. Carter

Manucy: Sixteenth-Century St. Augustine: The People and Their Homes
Nan A. Rothschild

Baker and Kealhofer (eds.): Bioarchaeology of Native American Adaptation in the Spanish Borderlands
Patricia S. Bridges

Dancey and Pacheco (eds.): Ohio Hopewell Community Organization
William Green

Odell: Stone Tools and Mobility in the Illinois Valley: From Hunter-Gatherer Camps to Agricultural Villages
Carol Morrow

Wood, O’Brien, Murray and Rose: Human Adaptations in the Missouri Prairie-Timberlands: A Volume in the Central and Northern Plains Archeological Overview
Richard W. Jefferies

Book Notes

The Indian’s New South: Cultural Change in the Colonial Southeast; Tennessee’s Prehistoric Vertebrates; The Cahokia Atlas: A Historical Atlas of Cahokia Archaeology, Revised Edition; Archaeology of Northern Florida A.D. 200-900: The McKeithen Weeden Island Culture; Great Adventures in Archaeology; Archaeological Excavations at the John and Delia Roberts Craft Pavilions, Moundville Archaeological Park; Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Pedo-Archeology; Guide to the Identification of Scales of Inland Fishes of Northeastern North America