Volume 15 Number 2 Winter 1996



Medicinal Teas and Patent Medicines: African-American Women’s Consumer Choices and Ethnomedical Traditions at a Louisiana Plantation
Laurie A. Wilkie

Household Organization and Refuse Disposal at a Cultivated Creek Site
Allan D. Meyers

Small-Scale Mississippian Community Organization in the Big Black River Valley of Mississippi
Karl G. Lorenz


Late Period Chronology in the Central Mississippi Valley: A Western Tennessee Perspective
Robert C. Mainfort, Jr.

Mississippian Ceramic Jars, Bottles, and Gourds as Compound Vessels
George M. Luer

Joseph Caldwell’s Summerour Mound (9FO16) and Woodland Platform Mounds in the Southeastern United States
Thomas J. Pluckhahn

The Shell Assemblage from Morhiss (41VT1), an Archaic Site on the West Gulf Coastal Plain
Helen Danzeiser Dockall and John E. Dockall

Continuity in Woodland and Mississippian Settlement Patterning in Northeast Mississippi
Janet Rafferty


The Nature and Timing of the Late Prehistoric Settlement of the Black Prairie in Northeast Mississippi: A Reply to Hogue, Peacock, and Rafferty
Jay K. Johnson

Settlement Pattern Continuity and Change in the Mississippi Black Prairie: A Response to Johnson
Evan Peacock and Janet Rafferty

Reviews and Book Notes


McNutt (ed.): Prehistory of the Central Mississippi Valley
Michael J. O’Brien

Brown: The Spiro Ceremonial Center: The Archaeology of Arkansas Valley Caddoan Culture in Eastern Oklahoma
Charles L. Rohrbaugh

Coe: Town Creek Indian Mound: A Native American Legacy
Kit W. Wesler

Hally (ed.): Ocmulgee Archaeology, 1936-1986
Christopher Peebles

Lyon: A New Deal for Southeastern Archaeology
Lynne P. Sullivan

Nassaney and Sassaman (eds.): Native American Interactions: Multiscalar Analyses and Interpretations in the Eastern Woodlands
John P. Hart

Galloway: Choctaw Genesis: 1500-1700
Janet Rafferty

Hann: A History of the Timucua Indians and Missions
Michael A. Pfeiffer

Grumet: Historic Contact: Indian People and Colonists in Today’s Northeastern United States in the Sixteenth through Eighteenth Centuries
Marvin T Smith

Goldman-Finn and Driskell (eds.): Preliminary Archaeological Papers on Dust Cave, Northwest Alabama
Richard W. Jefferies

Odell (ed.): Stone Tools: Theoretical Insights into Human Prehistory
Martha A. Rolingson

Collins et al. (eds.): Pedological Perspectives in Archaeological Research
Jack Donahue

Book Notes

Middle and Late Archaic Archaeological Records of South Carolina: A Synthesis for Research and Resource Management; Lithic Resource Studies: A Sourcebook for Archaeologists; Calf Creek Horizon in Oklahoma; Site Destruction in Georgia and the Carolinas; Archaeological Site File Management: A Southeastern Perspective

ISSN 0734-578X