Volume 14 Number 2 Winter 1995



The Faunal Record of the Southeastern Elite: The Implications of Economy, Social Relations, and Ideology H. Edwin Jackson and Susan L. Scott

Late Woodland Architecture on the Coast of North Carolina: Structural Meaning and Environmental Adaptation
Thomas C. Loftfield and David C. Jones

Magic and Empowerment on the Plantation: An Archaeological Consideration of African-American World View
Laurie A. Wilkie

Source Criticism and the Interpretation of African-American Sites
Brian W. Thomas


The Magnet Site (12PE171): A Late Paleoindian Site in Perry County, Southern Indiana
Edward E. Smith, Jr.

Neutron-Activation Analysis of Campbell Appliquéd Pottery from Southeastern Missouri and Western Tennessee: Implications for Late Mississippian Intersite Relations
Michael J. O’Brien, James W. Cogswell, Robert C. Mainfort, Jr., Hector Neff and Michael D. Glascock


Milanich: Archaeology of Precolumbian Florida
David S. Brose

Bense: Archaeology of the Southeastern United States: Paleoindian to World War I
Robert C. Mainfort, Jr.

Sassaman: Early Pottery in the Southeast: Tradition and Innovation in Cooking Technology
Clare McHale Milner

Anderson: The Savannah River Chiefdoms: Political Change in the Late Prehistoric Southeast
George R. Milner

Pauketat: The Ascent of Chiefs: Cahokia and Mississippian Politics in Native North America
C. Clifford Boyd, Jr.

Emerson, Fortier, and McElrath (eds.): Highways to the Past: Essays on Illinois Archaeology in Honor of Charles J. Bareis
Melvin L. Fowler

Green (ed.): Agricultural Origins and Development in the Midcontinent
Frances B. King

Hudson and Tesser (eds.): The Forgotten Centuries: Indians and Europeans in the American South 1521-1704
Gerald F. Schroedl

Shackel and Little (eds.): Historical Archaeology of the Chesapeake
Paul R. Huey

South (ed.): Pioneers in Historical Archaeology: Breaking New Ground
Hester A. Davis

Buikstra and Ubelaker (eds.): Standards for Data Collection from Human Skeletal Remains
Brenda J. Baker

Book Notes

Historic Indian Period Archaeology of Northern Georgia; Historic Indian Period Archaeology of the Georgia Coastal Zone; Situado and Sabana: Spain’s Support System for the Presidio and Mission Provinces of Florida; Pottery from Spanish Shipwrecks 1500-1800; Florida’s First People: 12,000 Years of Human History; Art of the Florida Seminole and Miccosukee Indians; Sharks and Shark Products in Prehistoric South Florida; Archaeological Investigations at Six Sites in the Apalachicola River Valley Northwest Florida; Canals and American Cities

ISSN 0734-578X