Volume 14 Number 1 Summer 1995



Comparative Paleoethnobotany of Three Native Southeastern Communities of the Historic Period
Kristen J. Gremillion

Nineteenth-Century Alibamu-Koasati Pottery Assemblages and Culinary Traditions
David H. Jurney and Timothy K. Perttula

Environmental and Osteological Analysis at the South Farm Site (22OK534), a Mississippian Farmstead in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi
S. Homes Hogue and Evan Peacock

Social Organization at Etowah: A Reconsideration of Paleodemographic and Paleonutritional Evidence
Robert L. Blakely


Scalping in the Archaic Period: Evidence from the Western Tennessee Valley
Maria 0. Smith

Investigations of Early Cordage from Bayou Jasmine, Louisiana
Jenna Tedrick Kuttruff, Marie S. Standifer, Carl Kuttruff and Shirley C. Tucker

Constantine Rafinesque and the Canton Site, a Mississippian Town in Trigg County, Kentucky
Charles Stout and R. Barry Lewis


Stoltman (ed.): Archaeology of Eastern North America: Papers in Honor of Stephen Williams
John H. House

Claassen (ed.): Women in Archaeology
Mary L. Kwas

Davis (ed.):Arkansas Before the Americans
Neal L. Trubowitz

Early (ed.): Caddoan Saltmakers in the Ouachita Valley
Jon Muller

Potter: Commoners Tribute and Chiefs: The Development of Algonquian Culture in the Potomac Valley
Timothy R. Pauketat

Rountree (ed.): Powhatan Foreign Relations 1500-1722
Alex Barker

McEwan (ed.): The Spanish Missions of La Florida
Stanley South

Book Notes

Predicaments, Pragmatics, and Professionalism: Ethical Conduct in Archaeology; Historic Louisiana Nails: Aids to the Dating of Old Buildings; A Grammar and Dictionary of the Timucua Language; Visitations and Revolts in Florida, 1656-1695; Prehistoric Adaptations to the Interior Uplands Environment of the Central South Carolina Coast

ISSN 0734-578X