Volume 13 Number 1 Summer 1994



The Occupational History of the Bessemer Site
Paul D. Welch

Mississippian Mound Refuse Disposal Patterns and Implications for Archaeological Research
Marvin T. Smith and Mark Williams

The Historical and Archaeological Context of Plum Bayou Culture in Central Arkansas
Michael S. Nassaney

Spatial Patterning on a Nineteenth-Century Appalachian Houselot: Evidence from Nail Analysis
Amy L. Young

A History of the Alabama Anthropological Society
Gregory A. Waselkov


Archaeological Records of the Roanoke Bass, Ambloplites cavifrons Cope, 1868 (Pisces, Centrarchidae)
Thomas R. Whyte


Jaffe: The First Immigrants from Asia: A Population History of the North American Indians
William F. Keegan

Webb (editor): The Petitt Site (11-Ax-253), Alexander County, Illinois
Thomas E. Emerson

Weisman: Excavations on the Franciscan Frontier: Archaeology at the Fig Springs Mission
Richard Vernon

Shapiro and McEwan: Archaeology at San Luis, Part One: The Apalachee Council House

Shapiro and Vernon: Archaeology at San Luis, Part Two: The Church Complex
Nancy Marie White

Keegan: The People Who Discovered Columbus: The Prehistory of the Bahamas
Ted L. Gragson

ISSN 0734-578X