Volume 10 Number 2 Winter 1991



Mississippian Lace: A Complex Textile Impressed on Pottery from the Stone Site, Tennessee
Penelope B. Drooker

An Analysis of Late Eighteenth Century Ceramics from Arkansas Post at Ecores Rouges
John A. Walthall

Time and Community Patterns at Holding, A Middle Woodland Site in the American Bottom
Thomas O. Maher

The Adams Site (15Ch90) and the Little River, Christian County, Kentucky, Clovis Workshop Complex
Richard Michael Gramly Carl Yahnig


Banks: From Mountain Peaks to Alligator Stomachs: A Review of Lithic Resources in the Trans-Mississippi South, the Southern Plains, and Adjacent Southwest
Robert H. Lafferty III

Smith (ed.): The Mississippian Emergence Michael J. O’Brien

Seeliger: Tonpfeisen aus Uslar
Kim Dammers

Wittkofski and Reinhart (eds.): Paleoindian Research in Virginia: A Synthesis
David G. Anderson

Goodyear, Michie, and Charles: The Earliest South Carolinians: The Paleoindian Occupation of South Carolina
I. Randolph Daniel, Jr.

ISSN 0734-578X