Volume 29    Number 1    Summer 2010


Special Section: Papers in Honor of Bennie C. Keel
Section Editors: Edmond A. Boudreaux III, Christopher B. Rodning, and Jane Eastman

The Contributions of Bennie Carlton Keel to the Development of North Carolina Archaeology
R. P. Stephen Davis Jr.

A Functional Analysis of Mississippian Ceramic Vessels from Town Creek
Edmond A. Boudreaux III

Temporal Trends in Native Ceramic Traditions of the Lower Catawba River Valley
Brett H. Riggs

The Biltmore Mound and Hopewellian Mound Use in the Southern Appalachians
Larry R. Kimball, Thomas R. Whyte, and Gary D. Crites

Architectural Symbolism and Cherokee Townhouses
Christopher B. Rodning

South Appalachian Mississippian and Protohistoric Mortuary Practices in Southwestern North Carolina
Christopher B. Rodning and David G. Moore

My Buddy Bennie
H. Trawick Ward


Adena Mortuary Patterns in Central Ohio
Christopher T. Hays

Early Woodland Settlement and Mound Building in the Upper Tensas Basin, Northeast Louisiana
Tristram R. Kidder, Lori Roe, and Timothy M. Schilling

Carolina Bays: Time Capsules of Culture and Climate Change
Mark J. Brooks, Barbara E. Taylor, and Andrew H. Ivester

Toward a New View of History and Process at Crystal River (8CI1)
Thomas J. Pluckhahn, Victor D. Thompson, and Brent R. Weisman

What’s For Dinner? Investigating Food-Processing Technologies at Dust Cave, Alabama
Lara K. Homsey, Renee B. Walker, and Kandace D. Hollenbach

A Macroscopic Investigation of Technological Style and the Production of Middle to Late Archaic Fishhooks at the Chiggerville, Read, And Baker Sites, Western Kentucky
Christopher R. Moore


Sixteenth-Century Glass Bead Chronology In Southeastern North America
Keith J. Little

Volume 29    Number 2    Winter 2010

Special Thematic Section
Geophysical Investigations of Late Prehistoric Sites Part I: Woodland and Caddo Sites in the Caddo Area
Edited by Timothy K. Perttula

Papers on Geophysical Investigations of Woodland and Caddo Sites in the Caddo Area of the Southeastern United States
Timothy K. Perttula

Tom Jones (3HE40): Geophysical Survey and Spatial Organization at a Caddo Mound Site in Southwest Arkansas
Jami J. Lockhart

Continuing the Research: Archaeogeophysical Investigations at the Battle Mound Site (3LA1) in Lafayette County, Arkansas
Duncan P. McKinnon

Geophysical Investigations of Late Fourche Maline and Early Caddo Settlement Patterning at the Crenshaw Site (3MI6)
John R. Samuelson

Geophysical and Archaeological Investigations at the Clement Site, a Caddo Mound Complex in Southeastern Oklahoma
Scott W. Hammerstedt, Amanda L. Regnier, and Patrick C. Livingood

Multisensor Geophysical Survey Results from the Pine Tree Mound Site: A Comparison of Geophysical and Excavation Data
David Maki and Ross C. Fields

Archaeogeophysical Investigations at an Eighteenth-Century Caddo Site in Nacogdoches County, East Texas
Chester P. Walker and Timothy K. Perttula.


Revisiting the Dead at Helena Crossing, Arkansas
Bretton Giles, Jennifer Bauder, and Marta P. Alfonso-Durruty


Recalculating Mound Volume at Moundville
Cameron H. Lacquement

Confirmation of an Archaic Period Mound in Southwest Mississippi
Evan Peacock, Philip J. Carr, Sarah E. Price, John Underwood, William L. Kingery, and Michael Lilly


Groover, The Archaeology of North American Farmsteads, reviewed by Stacey L. Young

Roper (ed.), Medicine Creek: Seventy Years of Archaeological Investigations, reviewed by Timothy G. Baugh

White, Archaeology for Dummies, reviewed by Teresa L. Brown

Roper and Pauls (eds.), Plains Earthlodge: Ethnographic and Archaeological Perspectives, reviewed by Brandy A. Dacus

Pollack, Caborn-Wellborn: Constructing a New Society after the Angel Chiefdom Collapse, reviewed by Jeremy R. Davis

Cherry, The Headpots of Northeast Arkansas and Southern Pemiscot County, Missouri, reviewed by Bretton T. Giles

Mason, Inconstant Companions: Archaeology and North American Indian Oral Traditions, reviewed by David C. Harvey

Denham, Iriarte and Vrydaghs (eds.), Rethinking Agriculture: Archaeological and Ethnoarchaeological Perspectives, reviewed by Phillip Hodge

Skowronek and Fischer, HMS Fowey Lost and Found: Being the Discovery, Excavation, and Identification of a British Man-of-War Lost off the Cape of Florida in 1748, reviewed by Samantha Kirkley.

Ray, Ozarks Chipped-Stone Resources: A Guide to the Identification, Distribution, and Prehistoric Use of Cherts and Other Siliceous Raw Material, reviewed by Ryan M. Parish

Smith and Miller, Speaking with the Ancestors: Mississippian Stone Statuary of the Tennessee-Cumberland Region, reviewed by Timothy K. Perttula

Volume 30 Number 1 Summer 2011


Special Thematic Section. Geophysical Investigations of Late Prehistoric Sites Part II: Mississippian Centers

Geophysical Survey of Complex Deposits at Ramey Field, Cahokia
Michael L. Hargrave

A New Look at Kincaid: Magnetic Survey of a Large Mississippian Town
Brian M. Butler, R. Berle Clay, Michael L. Hargrave, Staffan D. Peterson, John E. Schwegman, John A. Schwegman, and Paul D. Welch

Recent Geophysical Investigations and New Interpretations of Etowah’s Palisade
Daniel P. Bigman, Adam King, and Chester P. Walker

A Town at the Crossroads: Site-Wide Gradiometry Surveying and Mapping at Old Ridge Site (3CG41) in Northeastern Arkansas
Jami J. Lockhart, Juliet E. Morrow, and Shaun McGaha


Ethnicity and Material Culture in Antebellum North Carolina
Lance K. Greene

Amphibian and Reptilian Imagery in Caddo Art
Elsbeth Linn Dowd

Stable Isotope Analysis and Diet in Eastern Oklahoma
J. Daniel Rogers

Why Wall Trenches?
Susan M. Alt and Timothy R. Pauketat

Determining the Season of Mississippian House Construction from Plant Impressions in Daub
Jennifer L. Seltzer and Evan Peacock


A Reassessment of the Chronology of Mound A at Toqua
Shannon D. Koerner, Lynne P. Sullivan, and Bobby R. Braly

Mapping Never-Never Land: An Examination of Pinson Mounds Cartography
Robert C. Mainfort, Jr., Mary L. Kwas, and Andrew M. Mickelson

A Zooarchaeological Synthesis of South Carolina’s Prehistoric Coastal Sites
Andrea Palmiotto

Enclosing Their Immortal Souls: A Survey of Two African American Cemeteries in Georgetown, South Carolina
Christina Brooks


Cobb (ed.), Stone Tool Traditions in the Contact Era, reviewed by Robert J. Austin

Clune and Stringfield, Historic Pensacola, reviewed by Deborah L. Bauer

Little, Historical Archaeology: Why the Past Matters, reviewed by Thomas E. Beaman Jr.

Neumann, Sanford, and Harry, Cultural Resources Archaeology: An Introduction, Second Edition, reviewed by Anthony Michal Krus

Gramly (ed.), Palaeo-Americans and Palaeo-Environment at the Vail Site, Maine, reviewed by Steven R. Kuehn

Sinibaldi,What Your Fossils Can Tell You: Vertebrate Morphology, Pathology, and Cultural Modification, reviewed by Steven R. Kuehn

Rafferty and Peacock (eds.), Times River: Archaeological Syntheses from the Lower Mississippi Valley, reviewed by Jayur Madhusudan Mehta

Hally, King: The Social Archaeology of a Late Mississippian Town in Northwestern Georgia, reviewed by Christopher B. Rodning

Knight (ed.), The Search for Mabila: The Decisive Battle between Hernando de Soto and Chief Tascalusa, reviewed by Marvin T. Smith

Mattick, A Guide to Bone Toothbrushes of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries, reviewed by Jennifer M. Cantu´ Trunzo

Volume 30 Number 2 Winter 2011



Hidden Differences Beneath a Surface Equality: Mortuary Variability in two Late-Nineteenth-century Cemeteries in Crawford County, Arkansas
James M. Davidson and Robert C. Mainfort, Jr.

Looking Beyond the Obvious: Identifying Patterns in Coles Creek Mortuary Data
Megan C. Kassabaum

Population Dispersal and Human Health at Moundville
Shannon Chappell Hodge

The Use of Shell-Tempered Pottery in the Caddo Area of the Southeastern United States
Timothy K. Perttula, Mary Beth Trubitt, and Jeffrey S. Girard

Shell-Tempered Pottery on the Central Plains
Donna C. Roper

Paste Characterization of Weeden Island Pottery from Kolomoki and its Implications for Specialized Production
Thomas J. Pluckhahn and Ann S. Cordell

An Investigation of the Origins of Variation in Perishable Architecture at Jonathan Creek
Sissel Schroeder

Examining Ichthyofaunal Remains for Evidence of Fishing Technologies Employed in Georgia Estuaries during the Late Archaic Period
Carol E. Colaninno


Dating the Construction of Early Late Woodland Earthen Monuments at the Jackson Landing Site in Coastal Mississippi
Edmond A. Boudreaux ill.

Macrobotanical Analysis of two Hopewell Mound Samples from the Mann Site (12P02) in Indiana
Jocelyn C. Turner

Challenges in Approaches to Skeletal Stature Estimation: An Example from Prehistoric Eastern Mississippi and Western Alabama
Kristrina A. Shuler, Marie Elaine Danforth, and Jeffrey Auerbach

An Alternative Ontology and Experimental Study of Pottery Punctation in Southern Appalachian Region Prehistory
Thomas R. Whyte, Scott A. Fleeman, and Cathleen D. Evans

George A. Lidberg Jr. and Depression-era Archaeology in Tennessee
Marlin F. Hawley and David H. Dye


Sassaman, The Eastern Archaic, Historicized, reviewed by Victor D. Thompson

Byers and Wymer (eds.), Hopewell Settlement Patterns, Subsistence, and Symbolic Landscapes, reviewed by Robert C. Mainfort Jr.

Blitz, Moundville, reviewed by Thomas E. Emerson

Ethridge, From Chicaza to Chickasaw: The European Invasion and the Transformation of the Mississippian World, 1540-1715, reviewed by Christoper B. Rodning

Deagan and Thomas, From Santa Elena to St. Augustine: Indigenous Ceramics Variability (AD. 1400-1700), reviewed by Christopher R. Moore

Miroff and Knapp (eds.), Iroquoian Archaeology and Analytic Scale, reviewed by Timothy K. Perttula

Metheny, From the Miners' Doublehouse: Archaeology and Landscape in a Pennsylvania Coal Company Town, reviewed by Tanya Faberson

Volume 31 Number 1 Summer 2012



Taxa Represented by Fish Effigy Ceramic Vessels in the Midsouth
Rita Fisher-Carroll and Robert C. Mainfort, Jr.

Sheepshead Country: Coastal Woodland Subsistence from the Perspective of Mack Bayou and Other Northwest Florida Sites
Gregory A. Mikell

Late Prehistoric and Protohistoric Shell Gorgets from Southwestern North Carolina
Christopher B. Rodning

Posts, Places, Ancestors, and Worlds: Dividual Personhood in the American Bottom Region
B. Jacob Skousen


The 1974–75 Excavations at Mound Bottom, a Palisaded Mississippian Center in Cheatham County, Tennessee
Michael J. O’Brien and Carl Kuttruff

The Bead Maker’s Midden: Evidence of Late Prehistoric Shell Bead Production on Ossabaw Island, Georgia
Charles E. Pearson and Fred C. Cook

Archaeology in a Geechee Graveyard
Nicholas Honerkamp and Ray Crook


Stottman (ed.), Archaeologists as Activists: Can Archaeologists Change the World?, reviewed by Sarah E. Bond

Herbert, Woodland Potters and Archaeological Ceramics of the North Carolina Coast, reviewed by E. Christopher Caynor

Sassaman and Holly (eds.), Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology as Historical Process, reviewed by Carolyn Dillian

Skowronek and Lewis (eds.), Beneath the Ivory Tower: The Archaeology of Academia, reviewed by Shannon M. Dunn

Case and Carr (eds.), The Scioto Hopewell and Their Neighbors: Bioarchaeological Documentation and Cultural Understanding, reviewed by Bradley T. Lepper

Welch, Archaeology at Shiloh Mounds: 1899–1999, reviewed by Bernard K. Means

Lankford, Reilly, and Garber (eds.), Visualizing the Sacred: Cosmic Visions, Regionalism, and the Art of the Mississippian World, reviewed by Sharon K. Moses

Fish and Kowalewski (eds.), The Archaeology of Regions: A Case for Full-Coverage Survey, reviewed by Kevin C. Nolan

Wesson and Reese (eds.), Between Contact and Colonies: Archaeological Perspectives on the Protohistoric Southeast, reviewed by John T. Penman

Johnson (ed.), A Chronology of Middle Missouri Plains Village Sites, reviewed by Donna C. Roper

Greene and Plane (eds.), American Indians and the Market Economy, 1775–1850, reviewed by Jennifer M. Cantú Trunzo

Volume 31 Number 2 Winter 2012


The Prehistory of Mr. Eli Lilly
Christopher S. Peebles

Style in Swift Creek Paddle Art
Karen Y. Smith and Vernon James Knight, Jr.

Glass Trade Beads from the English Colonial Period in the Southeast, ca. A.D. 1607–1783
Jon Bernard Marcoux

Temporal Hygiene: Problems in Cultural Chronology of the Late Prehistoric Period of the Middle Ohio River Valley
Kevin C. Nolan

Revisiting Lithic Scatters: A CRM Perspective
Daniel Cain


Dendrochronological Dating of the Chief John Ross House, Rossville, Georgia
Georgina G. DeWeese, W. Jeff Bishop, Henri D. Grissino-Mayer,
Brian K. Parrish, and S. Michael Edwards

New Perspectives on Mississippian Occupations in Western Tennessee and Northwestern Mississippi: Recent Chronological and Geophysical Investigations at Chucalissa (40SY1), Shelby County, Tennessee
Charles H. McNutt, Jay D. Franklin, and Edward R. Henry


George R. Milner, The Cahokia Chiefdom: The Archaeology of a Mississippian Society, reviewed by Justin A. Shavers

Dennis J. Stanford and Bruce A. Bradley, Across Atlantic Ice: The Origin of America’s Clovis Culture, reviewed by Christopher R. Moore

Robert C. Mainfort, Jr., Sam Dellinger: Raiders of the Lost Arkansas, reviewed by Mallory Bader

Barbara A. Purdy, Florida’s People During the Last Ice Age, reviewed by Adam Finn

Mark A. Rees (ed.), Archaeology of Louisiana, reviewed by Megan C. Kassabaum

Whitney Battle-Baptiste, Black Feminist Archaeology, reviewed by Irene Goddard

Robert Pasquill, Jr., The Civilian Conservation Corps in Alabama, 1933-1942: A Great and Lasting Good, reviewed by Hannah Guidry

Bobby Gonzalez, Robert Cast, Timothy K. Perttula, and Bo Nelson, A Rediscovering of Caddo Heritage: The W. T. Scott Collection at the American Museum of Natural History and Other Caddo Collections from
Arkansas and Louisiana, reviewed by Scott P. Hadley, Jr.

Theodore Morris, Florida’s Lost Tribes, reviewed by Joseph Miller

Darlene Applegate and Robert C. Mainfort, Jr., Woodland Period Systematics in the Middle Ohio Valley, reviewed by Scott Hadley, Jr.

Wm. Jack Hranicky, Lithic Technology in the Middle Potomac River Valley of Maryland and Virginia, reviewed by Curtis A. McCoy

Jerald T. Milanich, Frolicking Bears, Wet Vultures, and Other Oddities: A New York City Journalist in Nineteenth-Century Florida, reviewed by Lindsay Plunk

Angela Pulley Hudson, Creek Paths and Federal Roads: Indians, Settlers and Slaves and the Making of the American South, reviewed by Sarah A. Stephens

William A. Read, Florida Place-Names of Indian Origin and Seminole Personal Names, reviewed by Carolyn Trimble